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Leadership & Coordination​

From initial concept to final construction, hamma architecture handles the coordination, management, and oversight of every aspect of tensile or tensegrity structure projects. This includes sourcing and consolidating tensile components from various suppliers to ensure a smooth installation process. 

By teaming up with hamma architecture as a specialised contractor from the outset of a project, the building team can work together to devise and execute a practical, innovative, and top-quality solution for their tensile architecture needs. 

On-Site Management

hamma architecture offers a comprehensive range of services for tensile or tensegrity structure projects. From design and engineering to contracting, manufacturing, and installation, hamma provides end-to-end solutions to ensure seamless and efficient construction processes. 

hamma architecture’s team of experts can work collaboratively with clients and other contractors to oversee and supervise the implementation of tensile structures. Throughout the entire project, hamma architecture is committed to delivering exceptional quality, safety, and efficiency, and takes an active role in ensuring the success of each specialized construction project. 

Procedure Document

hamma architecture takes a thorough approach to every aspect of its tensile and tensegrity structure projects, starting with the development of accurate procedure documents to ensure efficient, safe, and timely installations of the tensioning equipment. 

hamma architecture’s experienced consultants can assess and advise on all on-site construction needs, including appropriate lifting and tensioning equipment. All on-site work is conducted with a strict focus on safety, adhering to the highest standards of safe work practices to ensure the safety of all workers and contractors involved in the project. 

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Estimates, Preparation, Programming​

hamma architecture believes in providing its clients with accurate and transparent quotations for their tensile and tensegrity structure projects. The team pays particular attention to detail when it comes to pricing clarity and cost planning requirements. 

hamma architecture’s services include preparing quotes based on clients’ specifications and drawings, and they can also provide estimates for preliminary costing purposes for cable structures. This ensures that clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their projects and can make informed decisions about their investments. 

Personalised Fabrication​

hamma architecture specialises in custom designing and fabricating hardware solutions for all kinds of tensile and tensegrity structure projects. Whether a project requires a custom-made connection or an off-the-shelf line, hamma architecture can provide the ideal solution for the job. 

hamma architecture’s design engineers possess a deep technical understanding of each individual tensile component, which enables them to customise solutions that align with the architectural vision of each project. This ensures that each project receives a tailored solution that meets the specific requirements of the project. 

Flexi-Mesh Architectural uses

Material Choice

The selection of the right materials for a tensile or tensegrity structure is critical to the success of the overall design-build process. hamma architecture understands this and works closely with the client project team to precisely customise a tensioned system from a wide range of products, materials, and finishes, including stainless steel cables, fittings, and turnbuckles. 

hamma architecture provides unbiased advice and collaborates with external manufacturers to ensure the best possible results for its clients’ tensile structures. The team also offers detailed drawings and descriptions of the materials used, making it easy for clients to understand the materials selected for their project. This ensures that clients have a clear understanding of the materials used and how they contribute to the overall success of the project.  

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Structural Evaluation​

The team provides detailed analysis and modelling of tensile cable, rod, and bar systems, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of how their structure will perform under different conditions and loads. With technical expertise and practical experience, hamma architecture offers tailored advice on the practical application of its tensile components, working closely with clients to ensure their vision is realised with a safe and high-performing final product. 

Kinetic/Feature Façade

Design Consultancy

We are dedicated to achieving design excellence in tensile and tensegrity structures by bringing together technical expertise and creativity. Our design assist services utilize the latest technology and techniques to help clients realise their vision, with a team of skilled engineers customising tensile solutions to meet the demands of each unique project. 

We pride ourselves on balancing form and function, creating structures that are not only visually striking but also safe, durable, and reliable over the long term. 

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