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Our applications portfolio showcases our latest range of stainless steel products for architects and engineers.

Core to our success is our understanding of the symbiosis between stainless steel form and function with architectural design. It underpins our ongoing commitment to delivering products that meet the aesthetic and structural intent of architectural orientated design whilst delivering environmentally sustainable construction solutions. See below our applications portfolio, demonstrating uses of hamma Architectural products.
hamma® Applications stadium architectural Panels

Tensile Cable Systems

Tensile cable systems are suitable for a wide range of projects requiring high strength, low stretch and corrosion resistance to deliver structural support.
hamma® Applications botanic scenery

Green Solutions

As architecture continues to embrace green solutions for environmental and aesthetic purposes, climbing plants and vines are fast becoming a bespoke addition to facades, walls, partitions and open spaces.
Applications RACV Glass Facades

Glass Façades

Glass is a popular solution for facades due to its strength, simplicity and transparency.
hamma Applications staircase safety


Stainless steel offers unique architectural solutions for both indoor and outdoor balustrading.
hamma catenary lighting

Catenary Lighting

The presence of light elements create a playful mood to vibrant laneways, public open spaces and can create visceral harmony in busy suburban thoroughfares.
hamma playground


Seeking to offer entertainment and educational experiences for children of all ages, modern playground design requires adherence to strict safety protocols.
hamma fall protection

Fall Protection

A key component of many projects, fall protection, is a core deliverable of our FlexiMesh product.
hamma zoological enclosure flexi-mesh


Zoo architecture is a specialist field with enclosures requiring safe and aesthetically appealing design.

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