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About hamma

Why hamma

Launched in 2010, the hamma range of stainless steel and wire rope fittings is an award-winning brand and the go-to product of choice for architects and designers worldwide.

Manufactured by global leaders Kinzi and KOS, our range is recognised as the industry leader for quality, reliability, and value, and is exclusively available from regional distributors worldwide.

In contrast to other building materials, stainless steel yields to the entropic nature of the environment as it can be 100% recovered and reformed. The capacity for recycling offers sustainability, making it a constantly evolving resource. Working on this basis our teams focus on improving and refining both the design of our hamma range of stainless steel wire rope and fittings, as well as the process of production. Working with engineers and laboratories, our teams integrate proven testing procedures to design and manufacture products of the highest quality. Our process enables us to provide clients with performance guarantees which are unparalleled in the industry.

What We Do

hamma is a leading provider of tensile architectural solutions, offering a wide array of components and complete solutions for projects worldwide. Our products have been designed to fit the needs of the most complex projects, from structural and cable rod systems to balustrade and railing systems, greening systems and more.

Additionally, we provide a full range of services, from design to project management and installation, as well as an unparalleled understanding of each phase of tensile design and construction. Our experience and commitment to quality have made us a leader in the industry, providing continuity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and tailored solutions for each installation.

No matter what your tensile architectural vision, application or location, partnering with hamma simplifies the critical path to completion.

hamma® architectural

hamma Supporting Major Architectural Projects Worldwide

The hamma range supports a large number of innovative structural designs including catenary lighting, arbours, glass facades, and more.

Globally recognised projects include: Bangkok International Airport, The Hilton Hotel Sydney, Western Australia’s Optus Stadium Arbour, and Jerusalem’s Ramat Gan National Park in Israel.

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hamma® Architectural
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hamma® Architecture
hamma® stadium architectural Panels

Products We Use

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

hamma stainless steel wire rope is manufactured by the world’s leading producer of stainless steel wire rope, Korea Original Stainless (KOS). Ideal for all outdoor uses including architectural projects, our stainless steel wire rope features unique characteristics to ensure the highest quality.

Our stainless steel wire rope is suitable for a wide range of applications including high-strength, corrosion resistant Duplex 2205 cable assemblies for the most demanding projects.

The hamma wire rope range includes: hamma Pro Strand, hamma X Strand, hamma Mega Strand, hamma G304 Strand, hamma Coated Wire and hamma Duplex.

Wire roll

Stainless Steel Fittings

hamma fittings are manufactured by global leaders Kinzi. Since 1971, Kinzi has been supplying stainless steel hardware to companies worldwide. Kinzi’s in house design, engineering and mould facility controls the manufacturing process from concept to finished product. With an understanding of product applications, Kinzi develops products utilising the right materials for the job and determines the most efficient production process. Kinzi utlises Solid Works, Auto Cad and Magma casting simulation software. Finite element analysis, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping ensure smarter decisions and efficient product development. Recognising that dimensions and consistency are critical, Kinzi’s engineering team works hand in hand with the in-house quality assurance team to ensure an identical product every time.

To help customers select relevant fittings for their project needs, the range incorporates – Regatta and Industrial fittings.

Our Services

Leadership & Coordination​

hamma Architecture manages and coordinates the construction of tensile and tensegrity structures from start to finish.

On-Site Management

We provide on-site supervision and oversight for the installation of our tension systems, in addition to our end-to-end design, contracting, and manufacturing services.

Procedure Document

hamma Architecture develops detailed method statements for efficient and safe installation of tensioning equipment.

Estimates, Preparation, Programming

Offering accurate and transparent quotations and estimates for cost planning requirements related to tensile structures.

Personalised Fabrication

The team fabricates custom hardware solutions for any job, specialising in stainless steel cable fittings and swaged fittings and terminals.

Material Choice

hamma Architecture provides unbiased advice and works with clients to customise a tensioned system using a wide range of products and materials.

Structural Evaluation

Our team of specialty consultants offers detailed analysis and modelling to predict the behaviour and interaction of tensile cable, rod, and bar systems within any tensile architecture installation.

Design Consultancy

hamma architecture’s design assist services blend discipline with creativity, leveraging decades of experience and the latest technology to achieve design excellence for tensile structures.

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