hamma Architectural

Perth Arbour

Location: Perth, Australia

Client: MakMax Australia

Project Date: December 2017

Installed By: Structural Dynamics

The impressive Arbour stands 10m tall and 20m wide, and stretches 450m around the south side of the Stadium. Over a thousand stainless steel cables were installed on the 43 arches that make up the Arbour to create a tensile structure in the form of a canopy.

Suspended on the structure using bespoke fittings are 3,076 bronzed artwork panels reflecting Whadjuk and Noongar stories.

More than 13 tonnes of grade 316 stainless steel was used, including in excess of 14km of 16mm and 8mm hamma X 1×19 wire rope which was supplied by Arcus Wire Group, as well as 20,000 bespoke fittings and over 34,000 screws.