hamma Architectural

Vibe Hotel Darlinghurst

Location: Sydney, Australia

Client: Ryde Joinery

Project Date: October 2019

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

The Flexi-Mesh green wall on the rooftop bar “Above 319” serves as the perfect backdrop for the cool area adjacent to the bar. Hosting both the bar logo/signage and greenery, it adds a touch of nature and elegance to the space. The flexibility of the mesh used in the green wall allowed us to create a unique and custom design that perfectly complemented the bar’s branding. The green wall also serves as a natural air filter, helping to purify the air in the surrounding area.

Overall, the green wall on the rooftop bar is a stunning example of how nature and design can come together to create a beautiful and functional space.

Products used:

  • 2.0mm 60x105mm Flexi-Mesh