hamma Architectural

KLTC - Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

Location: Victoria, Australia

Client: Ireland Brown Constructions

Project Date: June 2021

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

The design and construction of the green walls required a value management approach, but thanks to the versatility of the mesh, fittings, fixings, and fabrication ability, we were able to create a suitable system.

The green walls were installed to soften the concrete car park and create a pleasant visual barrier. The garden looks fantastic and has added a touch of greenery to an otherwise bleak area. The use of the mesh and fittings allowed for flexibility in the design, which meant that we were able to tailor the system to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Overall, the success of this project is a testament to the importance of flexibility and versatility in design and construction, and the positive impact that green walls can have on urban environments.

Products used:

  • 1.5mm 200x350mm Flexi-Mesh
  • 6mm 1×19 Perimeter Cables             
  • Stand-offs