hamma Architectural

Fairfield Primary School

Location: Fairfield, Victoria

Client: SJ Higgins

Project Date: March 2021

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

RACV Glass Facade

This project involved the installation of two vertical cable green walls in a challenging setting where the landscaping was already completed. This was the first time Bespoke, utilised the AWG (Arcus Wire Group) stand-off range, and it turned out to be a resounding success.

To ensure a visually appealing result, we opted for 4mm 7×7 tensioned vertical cables equipped with female adjusters. This choice allowed us to minimize the visual impact of rigging screws and forks, blending the cables seamlessly into the surroundings. The green walls now effortlessly complement the existing landscape.

To address concerns of structural stability, particularly due to the presence of primary school children playing in the vicinity, we incorporated horizontal brace cables with cross clamps. These additional cables provided extra rigidity, ensuring the safety and durability of the vertical cable green walls.

Overall, the project was a great achievement, showcasing our expertise in innovative design and meticulous installation techniques. The vertical cable green walls now stand as an attractive and secure feature within the landscape, offering both aesthetic appeal and a safe space for children to enjoy their activities.