hamma Architectural

Bangkok Airport

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Client: New Bangkok International Airport CO., LTD

Project Date: 2004

Installed By: 'Insert Installer'

The main terminal façade envelope is an impressive feat of engineering, measuring 1,140 meters in length and seven stories high. At the time of construction, it was the world’s largest glass wall structure, showcasing the pioneering spirit of the designers and engineers who brought it to life.

To support the structure, 37,000kgs of stainless steel wire rope and 19,000kgs of stainless steel fittings were supplied, highlighting the scale of the project and the level of attention to detail required to ensure its success.

In addition to the impressive materials used, the project also introduced many design and manufacturing innovations, which have now become next-generation fittings and standard practices for manufacturing and documentation. This highlights the importance of pushing the boundaries of design and engineering, and the impact that innovative solutions can have on shaping the future of the industry.

Overall, the main terminal façade envelope is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in creating world-class engineering projects that push the limits of what is possible.