hamma Architectural

Matagarup Bridge

Location: Perth, Australia

Client: Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Alliance

Project Date: 2020

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

The Matagarup Bridge is a stunning suspension pedestrian bridge located in Perth, Western Australia. The bridge spans the beautiful Swan River and is situated halfway between Heirisson Island and the Goongoongup Bridge. Its primary function is to provide pedestrian access between the suburbs of Burswood and East Perth, allowing people to easily cross the river on foot.

The bridge is an architectural masterpiece, featuring sleek lines and modern design elements. Its suspension structure is supported by two high-rise towers, which give the bridge an imposing and striking appearance. The bridge’s suspension cables are also visually impressive, with their delicate and intricate design adding a unique element of beauty to the structure.

The Matagarup Bridge is a highly functional addition to Perth’s landscape, providing a vital connection between two bustling suburbs. Its unique design and striking appearance have made it a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike, and it has quickly become one of Perth’s most iconic landmarks.