hamma Architectural

Essendon Keilor College

Location: Victoria, Australia

Client: Bowdencorp

Project Date: April 2019

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

The Essendon Keilor College project presented a unique set of challenges for the design, engineering, supply, and installation team. The project required the installation of multiple planes of mesh panels and fixing details behind the cladding line, which made it a complex and challenging task. The team had to find congruence between the different sizes of voids between the cladding and steel, which was made even more difficult by the limited access available.

Despite these challenges, the team was able to find a solution for each fixing location, resulting in a seamless and visually stunning finished product. The use of 1.5mm 60x105mm Ferruled Flexi-Mesh, as specified by Haskell Architects, proved to be an excellent choice for the balustrade and fall arrest system on the new staircase within the Essendon Campus Hall.

The successful delivery of this project is a testament to the skills and expertise of the Melbourne partners Bespoke Wire and Rope, as well as the design and engineering team. The finished product is not only functional and safe but also aesthetically pleasing, showcasing the versatility and beauty of the Flexi-Mesh system.

Overall, the Essendon Keilor College project highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving complex design objectives. Despite the challenges presented, the team was able to find creative solutions to deliver a product that met the architect’s vision while also ensuring the safety and functionality of the space.