hamma Architectural

Sydney Olympic Park

Location: Sydney, Australia


Project Date: February 2020

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

In response to concerns about public safety, ULTEGRA was contracted to improve the lighting conditions along the walkways surrounding the Sydney Olympic Park Station. The presence of trees provided pleasant shade and natural canopies near ANZ Stadium, but the lack of adequate lighting posed risks for commuters during nighttime hours. To address this issue, Bespoke Wire and Rope collaborated with Ultegra to provide a practical solution.

Bespoke Wire and Rope played a crucial role by supplying and installing 23 sets of 6mm 1×19 hamma tensioned catenary cables between the existing columns. These cables served as the support structure for suspending ULTEGRA’s new lights. By utilising this setup, the walkways were effectively illuminated, significantly enhancing public safety in the area.

This collaborative effort between ULTEGRA, Bespoke Wire and Rope, and the relevant authorities represents a successful project that prioritised public safety. The installation of the tensioned catenary cables and the subsequent lighting installation provided a practical and visually appealing solution, ensuring a safer environment for commuters, even during nighttime hours.