hamma Architectural

Moonta Street

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Client: Event Engineering

Project Date: January 2020

Installed By: Gridlock Engineering

With experience in a large number of suspension projects across Australia, Arcus Wire Group was approached to assist with practical solutions for an upcoming catenary lighting installation designed by  Event Engineering and installed by Gridlock Engineering.

Delivered as part of the City of Adelaide’s Moonta Street Reinvigoration project, the creative lighting system called ‘Central Wave’ forms an important part of the project.

David Sheedy, CEO, Arcus Wire Group said the installation required a specifically engineered solution for the suspension.

“The design was a very original piece that required an engineered solution using stainless materials. We drew on our experience with other suspension projects including bridges, artworks and lighting systems to deliver a combination of hamma Industrial fittings, hamma X wire and a series of custom cable clamps”, said David.

The photos show some of the detail in the steel wire design and showcase the amazing colours on display at night-time.

Having delivered solutions for a large number of suspension projects across Australia including lighting installations at Wollongong Mall in New South Wales and Curtin University in Western Australia, David Sheedy said that the Arcus Wire team drew on their broad experience and deep knowledge of over 60 years’ experience.

“Catenary Suspension projects such as this can be very intricate and require selection of exactly the right size wire ropes and fittings. Our design incorporated bespoke cable clamps designed by us and tested at a local NATA facility for suitability. These were used to join 8mm internal cables directly to the 16mm edge cables. The Central Wave project is a great example of how stainless wire rope can be used in major art installations”, said David.