hamma Architectural

East End Village Precinct

Location: East End Village, Newcastle, New South Wales

Client: Richard Crookes Constructions

Project Date: April 2022

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

RACV Glass Facade

Col Henry, an artist and sculptor, collaborated with Bespoke Wire & Rope for the rigging and installation of six unique stainless-steel sculptures commissioned for public display. Each sculpture required careful suspension, and Bespoke Wire & Rope was entrusted with this crucial task.

To suspend the sculptures, we utilised four 8mm 1×19 hamma X wire ropes, along with regatta toggles and rigging screws. This combination provided the necessary strength and stability to securely suspend each artwork. The equal number of cables used for each sculpture ensured that they remained firmly in place, preventing any swinging or movement during windy conditions or storms.

While the engineering aspect of the project provided some guidelines regarding cable tensions and angles, the installation team had to suspend each sculpture individually. This involved on-site fabrication and swaging of the cables, tailoring the installation to the specific requirements of each artwork.

Considering the location of the installation—a public space near the ocean, susceptible to high winds—it was imperative to prioritize safety. To ensure the ongoing integrity of the installation, the cables are professionally inspected on a biannual basis, in accordance with the Body Corporate’s regulations. This proactive measure guarantees that the sculptures remain secure and in optimal condition.

By collaborating closely with Col Henry and adhering to the necessary engineering considerations, Bespoke Wire & Rope successfully executed the rigging and installation of these captivating stainless-steel sculptures. The result is a striking public display that enhances the surrounding environment and stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and technical expertise.