hamma Architectural

Byron Bay House

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Client: Urban Building Services

Project Date: December 2022

Installed By: Bespoke Wire and Rope

RACV Glass Facade

The fully custom project required bespoke fabricated fittings and installation to ensure that the final product met the unique requirements of the project. On-site shaping and tapering of the mesh was necessary to ensure that the finished product fit seamlessly into its surroundings.

The project included a variety of elements, including facades, barriers, and balustrades for fall protection. These elements were designed and installed with safety in mind, providing effective protection against falls while also adding aesthetic value to the space.

In addition to these safety features, the project also included the installation of green walls, which added a touch of nature and beauty to the space. The incorporation of green walls highlights the importance of sustainable design and the positive impact that nature can have on our well-being.

Overall, the bespoke fabrication and installation of the various elements of this project highlights the importance of custom solutions in meeting unique project requirements. The project’s success is a testament to the importance of considering both safety and aesthetics in design, as well as the positive impact that sustainable design can have on our environment and our quality of life.