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Duplex Conferences 2022 – Presentations from Arcus Wire Group

Posted on Wednesday 26th October 2022

Our International Sales Manager Josh Sheedy is presenting at the upcoming Stainless Steel World Limited Asia Conference in Singapore 26-27 October and the Duplex World Seminar and Summit in Rotterdam 1-2 November.

Josh will be presenting a paper outlining our 2022 Australian Stainless Steel Development Association Fabricator Project of the Year Award in the Architecture, Building and Construction category.

We won the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association award for our hamma® Duplex 2205 project.

Australian first
This project was the first of its kind to be manufactured in Australia. It involved manufacturing, fabrication, and testing of hamma® duplex 2205 cable assemblies in our Gold Coast facility prior to exporting to the Middle East.

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