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Manufacturing Some of the World’s First Duplex 2205 Cables

Posted on Monday 28th March 2022

2022 continues to be a big year for our manufacturing teams.

Last week our QLD Manufacturing team completed a major project for a customer in Israel which required manufacturing some of the world’s first stainless-steel Duplex 2205 cables.

Duplex 2205 Cables

Comprising hamma® 26.0mm Duplex 2205 wire rope swaged with hamma® B3 Duplex 2205 fittings, the cables are a key part of a strategic project in Israel.

Our team worked with our key supply partners to develop and supply a complete Duplex 2205 solution as per the project requirements.

As an ASSDA Accredited Fabricator, we have the knowledge and skills to manufacture these types of custom cables to the highest industry standards.

hamma delivery dispatch
hamma marine fittings
hamma® Cables in stock
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The video shows the massive 26.0mm hamma® Duplex 2205 wire rope being rolled out ready for swaging, and the photos show the fully swaged cables ready to ship to Israel.

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