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Carly Scoufos' Artwork Installation at Gold Coast University Hospital

Posted on Wednesday 17th November 2021

Our team is always inspired by the project results that our customers are able to deliver utilising Arcus Wire Group wire rope and fittings. This latest stunning art installation by acclaimed local artist Carly Scoufos is a prime example.

Urban Art Projects recently installed a new handwoven bronze wire sculpture in the courtyard of Gold Coast University Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). 

Named ‘Flume’ this suspended sculpture was designed by local artist Carly Scoufos who is gaining international recognition for her amazing work.

Carly Scoufos Flume Installations
Carly Scoufos Flume Installations
Carly Scoufos Flume Installations
Carly Scoufos Flume Installations

Hanging Carly Scoufos’s Wire Artwork, Flume 

Flume was installed using Arcus Wire Group electric winches and specially designed support cables.

The below photos show Carly weaving the work which was incrementally winched up daily over the course of the two-week installation.

Reflecting on the truly heart-warming feel that Flume brings to the neonatal courtyard, Carly said she was delighted to meet a first time Dad not long after the installation of Flume. When he learned that Carly was the artist, he shared with her his appreciation at the serenity of the sculpture and the overall space which helped him ‘unwind and clear his mind’ as he comprehended the birth of his new baby which had been born prematurely in the hospital.

“This was a very special work for me and in particular its location in the neonatal courtyard. The cables and winches were an incredible set-up enabling me to weave the work incrementally over several days which was necessary to bring my Flume design to life”, said Carly.

Congratulations Urban Art Projects and Carly Scoufos on a truly inspiring project.

Carly Scoufos Flume Installations

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Carly Scoufos Flume Installations

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